chasing dreams and fighting demons
all in a day's work for a psychonaut

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Also I totally haven’t been updating you guys on my latest progress, but I’m pleased to announce that experiment 3.5, aka I heard a rumor that if you stay up for 50 hours straight it’ll jump-start your precog, was a total lie and not true at all.

So parascience has me to thank for debunking that one.

Anyway, I’m gonna go lay facedown for a long time now.

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Seriously, though, I’ll sign all your stuff if you want.  I’ve got a ton of extra copies that you could even sell or whatever.  I’ll hook you up.



I can wait.  When you make it big, we’ll work this out.

Hey, I’ve been meaning to tell you about that!

People’ve started noticing me outside of gigs.

WHAAT.  Oh my god, Marcy, that’s awesome.  Seriously, oh jeez, that is so cool.  Like, I’m not surprised, but I am so friggin’ pumped for you.


Keyword: If.

I mean, I don’t really have any need for a vehicle rn

I can wait.  When you make it big, we’ll work this out.

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Aw, don't be mad. I'll sign one of your issues of TPT.


I’ll never speak to you ag-

We’re still friends.

Maaaaybe I’ll even do it…


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If I get a motorcycle for some reason, you get to ride in the sidecar.


Although for real, one thing you learn when you have a huge family is to never take sides.

E v e r.

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marce said you were cuter than me is this true say no

Woah, look.  Mikey, I like you and all, I think you’re a really cool guy.  But I can’t be getting involved in drama and taking sides.

I mean, especially if you’re asking me to lie.

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hemogobbler replied to your post: I found a whole blog about motorcycles…

You can’t even drive yet.